Asbestos Mitigation

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a deadly form of a naturally occurring silicate mineral that is found in heat-resistant and fire-resistant materials that causes serious health risks. Unfortunately, its flame retardant and insulating properties made it a prime building material that was produced up until 1978. It was used in hard to reach places that fire fighters would not be able to easily access such as:

  • Inside ducts
  • False ceilings
  • Panels
  • Older popcorn ceilings

How Do I Know If I Need Asbestos Mitigation?

Even though the production of asbestos was banned in 1978, the ban still allowed already produced stockpiles to be used. That means any home built up to 1986 could still have asbestos in their ceilings. If you are in an older home or office building, the only way to know if asbestos is a problem is to send a sample off to a qualified laboratory.

Asbestos Building Damage

Left undisturbed, asbestos usually won’t cause a problem. However, when unexpected damage like a fire or a flood occurs to an older building, the release of deadly asbestos particles can happen. If you think your building may have damage that resulted in the release of asbestos particles, it is important to…

  1. Immediately isolate the area
  2. Keep all individuals and animals away from the affected area
  3. Do not try to move or disturb the materials by walking on it, moving it, or touching it
  4. Immediately contact an asbestos mitigation company like UDK (Utah Disaster Kleenup)

UDK Is A Licensed Asbestos Mitigation / Abatement Company

As required by law, UDK is an EPA licensed and professional asbestos mitigation and abatement contractor with EPA licensed testing technicians on staff. We take asbestos mitigation seriously, and so should you. NEVER try to remove this deadly material on your own from your commercial, residential, or public building.

Hiring an asbestos mitigation company with qualified professionals is a safe and wise decision when it comes to your well being and those that you care about. UDK carries the proper asbestos testing equipment, and we follow stringent protocols and processes in order to properly remove asbestos.

UDK’S Asbestos Mitigation Process

UDK will identify, remove, repair, and properly encapsulate any materials that may have been exposed to the toxic asbestos fibers. We follow 6 basic steps:

  1. Hazardous Materials Survey
  2. Set up Regulated Work Area
  3. Material Removal
  4. HEPA Cleaning
  5. Air & Surface Sampling
  6. Allow Owners to Safely Return to Home or Office

To understand more about asbestos abatement and also find answers to common questions, visit the Utah Division of Air Quality.

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