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The EPA sets high standards for mold removal, and Utah Disaster Kleenup adheres to them all. We understand how mold growth can endanger your family’s health and the structural integrity of your property, and we do everything in our control to minimize disruption while providing the protection needed during mold remediation. UDK works with all insurance companies.

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Our phone lines are always open 24/7 for emergency services. Contact us at (801) 553-1010 to be connected to an emergency response coordinator. UDK will begin mobilizing immediately.


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We don’t waste any time with our emergency services. Our team will get to work as soon as they arrive to ensure the quickest turnaround approach to your home or business.



We assign a project manager to manage the project, work with your insurance and keep you informed during each step of the process. We stick with  you, from cleanup through repairs.


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We want your home or business to match your memory of it pre-damage. Each one of our employees works hard to leave your property better than restored – that’s the UDK way.

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Call UDK! (801) 553-1010

UDK works with all insurance companies

Mold Removal

What we can do for you

It is critical to assess the severity of the problem before beginning mold remediation. Our UDK experts will check surface areas and every nook and cranny where mold growth can hide. It is not unusual for us to find it thriving in unseen areas.

Mold Assessment

Mold spores growing in one area of a commercial facility can “travel” to other parts of the building through the ventilation system. It’s essential to contain the mold growth at the source and prevent it from spreading before the removal process begins.

Mold Containment

We use engineering controls that utilize “negative pressure” technologies and air filtration to further prevent air-borne mold from spreading. It’s a highly effective step that helps to guarantee that mold spores are contained until they are eliminated.

Spore Filtration

Once containment has been successfully achieved, we proceed with mold removal. If mold exists within and behind walls or ceilings or under flooring, it may be necessary to remove problem areas altogether: drywall, carpeting, ceiling tiles, roofing, etc.

Mold Remediation

Our goal after completing mold remediation services is to return your property to its pre-loss condition. To learn more about residential mold problems and preventing mold in your home, refer to this publication by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mold Damage Repair


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Utah Disaster Kleenup is dedicated to making you home or business safe and secure so you can get back to your life. Call for a FREE quote today!

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