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In Utah, we may not be prone to hurricanes or never ending rain, but that doesn’t mean that water damage and flooding doesn’t occur. There are several ways that water can get into your business or residential space, cause damage, and require flood cleanup in Utah including:

  • heavy rainstorms
  • sewer backups
  • burst pipes
  • faulty plumbing

When flood damage happens, you want a Utah flood cleanup company fast, and UDK is here to deliver! When you work with Utah Disaster Kleenup, you can expect an expedited flood cleanup on your Utah property.

UDK’s Utah Flood Cleanup and Water Damage Process

We pride ourselves on having the biggest and most qualified unit of technicians in the state of Utah. After you have experienced flood damage in your home or business, UDK can confidently say that we will expeditiously restore your location to its pre-damaged state. We are here to lessen your stress while minimizing the amount of interruption to your life during our entire flood cleanup process. When it comes to UDK’s Utah flood cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential spaces, we take the following steps to expedite rapid, flood cleanup.

1. Secure & Access The Flood Cleanup Area

Upon arrival to your home or business, we want to make sure that we have the owner’s complete authorization to enter all areas of the property to properly assess the flood damage. After assessment and evaluation, we can form a thorough flood cleanup plan and estimate.

2. Water Extraction

Water extraction is key in order to stop the spread of moisture. As a heads up, any and all absorbent materials may need to be removed and disposed of.

3. Mold & Mildew Prevention

An EPA–approved antimicrobial treatment may be applied to affected areas in order to inhibit bacterial reproduction and reduce the risk of mold and structural damage.

4. Dehumidification

Dehumidifiers and industrial air movers are strategically placed to accelerate evaporation, and moisture levels are monitored to ensure proper drying during the flood cleanup on your Utah property.

5. Personal Property Cleaning

Any personal property is handled with the utmost care and respect as it is properly cleaned to eliminate bacteria, eradicate mold growth, and eliminate residual odors.

6. Reconstruction

Once flood cleanup is finished, UDK’s team of professionals will repair and reconstruct any ceilings, floors, walls, or other structural elements to their pre-damaged state.

Get Utah Flood Cleanup 24/7

Have you recently been affected by water damage and desperately need flood cleanup in Utah? UDK has a 24/7 phone line!

Give us a call at (801) 553-1010 for any Utah flood cleanup needs.

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