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Has Your Utah Property Recently Been Affected by Mold?

UDK’s Mold Remediation Can Help!

Because of its danger, the EPA sets extremely high standards for mold remediation, and UDK strictly adheres to these regulations. If it is not removed completely and promptly, the damage that it causes to your home or business can be irreparable, leading to complete replacement of floors, ceilings, walls, etc. If it comes down to this, our Utah based mold remediation team will safely, and effectively, remove all infested structures.

Our Utah Mold Remediation Process

We strive to minimize disruption while providing the protection needed during mold remediation in Utah. If you’re dealing with mold growth in your home, you can trust UDK with professional and prompt removal. Our technicians carefully follow a five-step process to achieve total mold remediation and home repair.

1. Mold Assessment

UDK thoroughly assesses the severity of the problem before beginning mold remediation on your Utah property. Our experts check every nook and cranny to find where growth might be hiding in order to best come up with a game plan on how to remove it.

2. Mold Containment

Unfortunately, mold spores are opportunists who have the ability to migrate from one area to another through the ventilation system. Because of its dangers, it is important to assess any and all areas where it may migrate. UDK contains the source of the problem before removal even officially begins.

3. Spore Filtration

Our mold remediation in Utah utilizes air filtration and “negative pressure” technologies to further prevent air-borne molds from spreading. This step helps to guarantee the containment of spores until they are destroyed.

4. Mold Removal

After containment is achieved, only then we will proceed with removal. If we find mold within and behind walls, ceilings, or flooring, sometimes it is imperative to completely remove these problem areas (i.e. carpeting, roofing, drywall, ceiling tiles, etc.)

5. Mold Damage Repair

After completing removal, our goal is to return your property to its previous condition before the damage occurred. Thus, our cycle of mold remediation is complete!

Get Mold Damage Remediation in Your Utah Property ASAP!

Don’t wait until the damage from moisture and mold causes health problems in your home or business. If you are looking for mold remediation services in Utah fast, give UDK – Utah Damage Kleenup – a call today.

Call UDK 24/7 at (801) 553-1010 for any mold remediation questions that you may have.

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