Residential Fire – Part 3

Welcome back to the UDK blog where we detail the cause, damage, and kleenup of some of our biggest challenges! For the last two weeks we have discussed a massive house fire that occurred in Hurricane, Utah in 2020. A family was burning weeds in the front yard and led to a massive fire and smoke damage throughout the entire home. If you have not read the previous installments, you can read them here and here.  

This week we are discussing the most fun part of our jobs, the final part of the process where the results can really speak for themselves: the Kleenup! 

Living room restored

While the home was vacated immediately after the fire, the residents were underinsured and were responsible for the packout of the home. 

This caused two major delays, first being that we could not complete our assessment of the damage until the home was vacated and packed out, and second we had to coordinate the kleenup with the work/life schedule of the residents, which led to a significant loss of rental income for the homeowner. 

Six weeks after the loss occurred, the packout was complete and we were able to get underway. The first thing we did was coordinate with contractors to help rebuild damaged walls and ceiling, including 40% of the tile roof and trusses. This allowed us to work concurrently and get the home back in working order sooner. 

While the contractors were busy rebuilding walls, we focused our efforts on removing the smoke damage and odor. Unfortunately, smoke odor does not waft out of the house if you just open a few windows- smoke odor is usually embedded in the paint of the walls, the carpeting, and even some more permeable woods. This means we had to replace the flooring, paint, and HVAC throughout the entire home. 

While the entire home required extensive work, the client took advantage of the work and asked us to remove an unused deck and convert it into an office with a full bath and bedroom. This additional work made the customer extremely happy as they were already on the verge of selling the home as it was, but the remodeling allowed the clients to put the home back on the market for a more premium rate increase and turn the home back into a profit center. 

Hallways restored

In less than six months after the initial damage occurred, life had returned to better than normal and the client’s home has never looked better. 

If you would like to learn about other disasters we’ve kleened up and how we’ve helped return families back to normal read through our other blog posts and case studies. 

Call our non-emergency line for more information on how we can kleenup any disaster your home has encountered, big or small! 

To learn more about how UDK restores homes after a fire check out our Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Repair page!

Keep your eyes peeled for our next case study detailing….

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