Wasatch County Resort – Part 3

Welcome back to the Utah Disaster Cleanup Blog, where we discuss previous disasters we have cleaned up and talk about preventative steps and plans as well as getting you back up and running again.

For the last two weeks we been discussing a story about a resort lodge based here in the Wasatch Mountains that experienced a power outage that caused a boiler failure. The boiler failure caused a major flood impacting the entire first floor that damaged over 50 rooms.

If you have not read the previous installments, you can read them here and here.

This week we are discussing the most fun part of our jobs, the final part of the process where the results can really speak for themselves: the cleanup!

Once the damage was fully assessed, UDK needed to act quickly to minimize further damage, save building materials, and reduce the potential of indoor mold growth.

UDK uses high velocity drying equipment, dehumidifiers and powerful extraction units to remove moisture, facilitate drying and reach appropriate humidity levels which minimize damage and reduce the potential for indoor mold growth.

Fortunately, it was the off season for the lodge, but the resort offers accommodations and activities for locals on an upcoming weekend. Arrangements were made so the UDK could get it cleaned up with as little impact as possible on the guests and their experience.

After the initial water cleanup was completed, UDK moved to restore the damaged building components to their previous condition ensuring the beautiful workmanship of the lodge was not compromised. Also important, was keeping construction noise at a minimum and having specific corridors available for the weekend traffic, and resuming construction at full capacity during the weekdays and weekday evenings to meet deadlines.

With any type of property restoration project, UDK will ensure your property is restored to pre-loss condition. We work hard to coordinate the process with as little impact as possible and leave your property better than restored.

The lodge was very pleased with UDK’s ability to not only get the job done in a timely manner, but minimizing the impact that was made on the overall guest experience.

If you would like to learn about other disasters we’ve cleaned up and how we’ve helped return families back to normal read through our other blog posts and case studies. Call our non-emergency line for more information on how we can cleanup any disaster your home has encountered, big or small!

To learn more about how UDK restores homes flooding check out our Flood Damage Restoration and Repair page!

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