Spanish Fork House Fire – Part 3

Part 3 – The Kleenup

Welcome back to the Disaster Kleenup Blog, where we discuss previous disasters we have cleaned up and talk about preventative steps and plans as well as getting you back up and running again.

Last week we shared a story about a rental home with multiple families living there that suffered a devastating fire.

The fire happened in December; however, the permit for work was not issued until the following April. Further damage from weather, animals, and vandals can occur when properties are left alone. It is common for properties to sit while insurance carriers work out coverage details.

Because there were so many code upgrades and the property being underinsured contributed to the delay.

Since the tenants did not have insurance, he collected what he could from their belongings, and UDK helped with some supplies.

Smoke damage from the fire required a complete gut of the home. Basement ceiling joists were damaged and needed replacement for the family room, kitchen, part of the bathroom, and hallway.

Along with mitigation and debris cleanup, UDK performed asbestos abatement throughout, soda blasting, soot sealing, reframing, and attic damaged trusses to bring the inside back up to code.

UDK performed a lot of debris cleanup and improvement on the home’s exterior. The fire department damaged the exterior and some brickwork as they needed to break through a wall. The bricks were older and couldn’t be matched. After Soda blasting, there was some discoloration, so the home was painted.

The gable siding needed to be replaced.

The owners originally had the home split into separate units but planned to sell the home upon completion and had UDK redesigned to a single-family home.

By November, UDK completed the home, and it turned out beautifully. Despite the costs and since the owners plan on selling the home.

Navigating the claims process with insurance can be frustrating, but thorough documentation with reports and estimates need to be made to keep your insurance company in the loop and help you throughout the process of the cleanup.

If you would like to learn about other disasters we’ve cleaned up and how we’ve helped return families back to normal, read through our other blog posts and case studies.

To learn more about how UDK restores fire damage check out our Fire Damage Restoration and Repair page!

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