Restaurant Space Suffers Mold Issue

Project Description

UDK was contacted by a local fast-food chain that had recently moved out of a strip mall, and a new restaurant was going to occupy the space soon. When the property management company began the process of renovating the space for the new tenant, the carpenters came across what appeared to be a mold issue. Since the property management company had a protocol in place, UDK was called in to evaluate and consult the owner on actions that should be taken.

Unique Issues

After a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) completed the testing, it was determined that there was mold growth on a shared wall with the tenant next door. The wall that is shared separates two kitchens from two separate restaurants. The tenant that is still in business could not close their business for the remediation, so UDK had to devise a plan to remediate the mold on the vacant unit without disturbing the restaurant next door. The owner of the vacant unit was already under a tight schedule to “flip” the space and this unforeseen issue made that schedule even tighter. All renovations were halted immediately over concerns of their contractor’s health, and UDK took the reins.

Job Recognition

UDK was hired to remediate only the mold issue as outlined by the CIHs report and protocol. Due to the excellent relationship with our qualified subcontractor base, our certified Project Manager was able to get the testing done the same day we were called, and UDK was in full cleanup mode the day the report and protocol were received. With only a week to complete the work, UDK was done and passed clearance testing in only 5 days!! This job was a complete success as it allowed the renovation of the vacant unit to resume with minimal downtime, and resulted in NO business interruption for the adjoining restaurant.

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