Following a power outage, Zermatt Resort experienced a boiler failure, resulting in a major flood that affected the entire first floor of this beautiful upscale European lodge. All common areas, two corridors and 50 guest rooms were affected. Unfortunately, another flooding occurred when the power was restored and caused a boiler failure once more. Due to the fact that UDK was onsite, the new flow of water was extracted to prevent further damage from occurring.

The facility managers of Zermatt typically handle all flooding issues in-house, but something of this scale required help from UDK. Specialty drying equipment and portable units were necessary to complete the boiler failure and flood cleanup in a timely manner.

While the flooding occurred during the offseason, Zermatt has a unique weekend niche for locals. UDK was able to ebb and flow mitigation and reconstruction efforts to accommodate for the weekend rush by making specific corridors available and construction noise at a minimum. Then on weekdays, the work commenced at full capacity. The general manager of Zermatt was pleased with UDK’s abilities to keep up with their guest needs while completing the work in a timely manner.

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