When Damage Uncovers an Asbestos Abatement Job

Ready when routine becomes rigorous

One of the first guidelines in dealing with asbestos is not to disturb it, until absolutely necessary, and only then when trained professionals are ready to handle it. When companies set out to remodel older facilities, often an assessment leads to a planned asbestos abatement job as part of the overall effort. What happens when unexpected water, wind, or fire damage uncovers and disturbs asbestos in a building?

Discovering asbestos lurking in the walls of a building can take a damage cleanup situation from routine to rigorous. Worse, a non-asbestos-aware disaster cleanup firm can unwittingly plow into the cleanup tasks and complicate things by disturbing asbestos further, putting health of workers and occupants at risk.

However, once exposed, the job of asbestos abatement at that damaged building becomes unavoidable. A typical response would be to put the disaster cleanup job on hold until a professional asbestos abatement firm is called to assess the situation. The clock is running, and the meter is also running – costs increase every minute in this scenario, and depending on the solution proposed a relatively simple restoration job can get out of hand.

This is exactly why Utah Disaster Kleenup (UDK) is fully certified in asbestos abatement. Our teams understand when we may be looking at asbestos as part of assessing the damage after a disaster. We can perform state-required tests to verify that asbestos is indeed present. Depending on the scope of the damage sustained, we are often able to contain the asbestos abatement effort to only areas where asbestos has been disturbed, ensuring that additional areas are not disturbed in the damage restoration process.

An asbestos abatement job is part of UDK’s “Ready for Anything” approach. Instead of frantically calling around for help when asbestos is uncovered after damage to a building, UDK teams can handle it as part of the overall damage restoration project. If you are aware or suspect your building has asbestos, and you’ve experienced sudden damage, UDK should be your first call for disaster cleanup.

Utah Disaster Kleenup: Asbestos Abatement

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