Fully Recovering from Fire Damage

From securing property to rebuilding

After first responders extinguish a fire, a home or business obviously has fire damage. In reality, for a fire of any size, there is also water damage and smoke damage to deal with. At Utah Disaster Kleenup (UDK), our teams are experts – we are often called by first responders directly. To fully recover from fire damage, there are several important steps.

  • Securing property: This can be more challenging than it sounds. Firefighters may have cut into walls or roofing in an attempt to douse flames with lots of water. That standing water needs to be removed, and boarding or fencing installed to prevent unauthorized entry. This is typically done at the same time a fire investigation is underway, which must be complete before restoration work begins.
  • Assessing fire damage: Once first responders release the property, a UDK estimator looks at the damage to both the building and its contents. This can be factored into a plan working with your insurance company to clearly define coverage and the scope of a settlement.
  • Extracting possessions: Items that are not completely destroyed by the fire are often salvageable. The contents of the home or business are inventoried, and brought to the UDK facility in Draper for cleaning and disinfecting – including electronics.
  • Cleaning up: After removing fire debris and water, sanitization and deodorization begins. This is a critical step to restoring a home or business; UDK teams use special equipment and techniques to eliminate odors and contamination.
  • Rebuild: One unique aspect of UDK is our in-house contractors for rebuild and reconstruction needs. Instead of handing the job off, UDK continues to oversee the fire damage restoration efforts until completion.

Getting your home or business back to the way it was is our priority at UDK. We’ve been helping homes along Utah’s Wasatch Front recover from disasters since 1974, with the most local equipment and expertise in the area. If you’ve experienced fire damage, we’re ready for you – give us a call.

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