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Sometimes mold can hide in covered areas that you may not notice, like behind appliances, wallpaper, or under flooring. If you have concerns that mold is lurking in the hidden corners of your home, call UDK. We have more than 40 years of mold remediation experience. We’ll even come to your home and do an evaluation for free. Keep your home mold-free by taking the proper precautions ahead of time. Safeguard your family and pets against the possible health problems associated with mold by acting quickly and following the suggestions below.

When water leaks or spills occur in your home, make sure to clean and dry it quickly. If you dry wet or damp areas within the first 24-48 hours, in most cases mold will not grow.

  • Clean and repair roof gutters regularly.
  • Make sure the ground slopes away from the building foundation, so that water does not enter or collect around the foundation.
  • Keep air conditioning clean and the drain lines unobstructed and flowing properly.
  • Keep indoor humidity low, preferably between 30-50% relative humidity. You can measure moisture levels with a simple humidity meter available at most hardware stores.
  • If you see condensation or moisture collecting on windows walls, or pipes, act quickly to dry the wet surface and reduce the moisture/water source. Condensation can be a sign of high humidity.
  • Vent appliances that produce moisture, such as clothes dryers, stoves, and kerosene heaters to the outside where possible to lower humidity levels in your home.
  • Use air conditioners and/or de-humidifiers when needed.
  • Run the bathroom fan or open the window when showering. Use exhaust fans or open windows whenever cooking, or running the dishwasher to stop moisture build-up.

Mold at any stage of growth presents a health hazard and, if left unchecked, could result in more extensive structural damage. Catching mold early aids in faster recovery. Our goal is to get your family back into your home quickly so you can focus on living your life. Call us immediately if:

  • You have a leaky roof
  • You have leaky pipes either inside or outside your facility
  • If snow melt and poor drainage have damaged your walls or roof
  • You notice unnatural levels of moisture anywhere in your home or building
  • Discoloration from a water leak

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If you feel like you are experiencing adverse health conditions as a result of mold exposure, contact your primary care physician, or a certified medical practitioner that specializes in biotoxin exposure, such as the specialists at One Wellness.

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